Who am I?


marqueursvejaI write books for children, English and French semi-bilingual books. A semi-bilingual book is written mainly in one language, with some dialogue in the other language. If the story takes place in London or Manchester, the local people will speak English. However a group of French friends visiting will speak French together but English to their newly-met friends. It makes much more sense like that, don’t you find? Just like in real life. I love to write. Why do I write for children? Because I enjoy it! I love kids, I teach young children English, sometimes French, but my all time favourite occupation is making up stories. As you may have seen on my other website, I also teach Business English to adults. Not nearly as fun…. But I make up stories for them as well.

Who am I?

Dutch-Canadian (West Coast), Scottish husband, I grew up in Singapore, have American relations, some Italian connection…. oh and I live in France. I’m 48, we have three wonderful children, approaching high-school age (nearly) and a border collie.

What do I believe?

That globalisation and all that is fine, but nothing will go anywhere without COMMUNICATION. I like to COMMUNICATE. I teach COMMUNICATION. In my books the heroes learn how to communicate. Not by some fancy, academic method, but simply by being out there, faced with someone his or her own age, in a fun situation that they would like to share together, but hindered by a very small language barrier. I like to create all kinds of situations to make that language barrier disappear. No magic. No tricks. Simple communication.

Ditto my lessons. No boring “Open your books to chapter 2: le verbe être.” In my case, it would be “OK, everybody up, we’re going TO BE!” We live the language.