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Scene 4, where a young French tourist wishes to order a Happy Meal at Burger King.

–  One happy meal please.

–  To go or to eat here?

–  To eat here

–  Extra small, small, normal, large or extra large?

–  mmmm normal.

–  With fries or no fries?

–  Fries, please.

–  Salt or no salt?

– ??? salt.

–  Ketchup, mayonnaise or burger sauce?

–  mmmm Mayonnaise. No ketchup!

–  Drink?

–  Coke.

–  Small, medium or large?

–  Medium, please.

–  Sugar or no sugar?

–  ??? sugar!

–  Desert?

–  A donut.

–  What kind?

–  Chocolat.

–  All chocolat, semi-chocolat, sprinkled chocolat or dark chocolate?

–  ??? mmmmm dark chocolat… I think.

–  Girl or boy?

–  eeuh, girl. I am a girl.

–  OK, Enjoy your Happy Meal. Next, please.

–  Me too, but three extra large hamburgers! …and I’m a boy.

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