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Acting out verbs and situations develops reflexes

Find a space inside or outside where there is room to move and preferably speak loudly, even shout!

‘The captain is always right’                              









This is an example of a great game where a Captain shouts out ship related orders: Attention!” (everyone stands straight) “Scrub the deck!” (everyone on their knees scrubs the deck) “Land ahoy…!” (point into the distance) “Ballroom dance” (dance in couples), etc.

Adapt to your own scenario, using action verbs: run, climb, fall, sink, shout, sing, dance, etc’play

Simon says Develops targeted listening. This is my favourite game. We challenge each other: I have some students who are completely unbeatable and I just love it!!

I also now have older students who play the game with younger students.

Write your own play The script can be kept very simple, based on the students’ level.
It helps concentrate their efforts, does wonders for their confidence and the little bit of effort goes a very long way.
Positive results guaranteed!See an example in Lessons/Play.


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