Nov 112015

marqueursvejaWatch movies all the time! Movies, series, old series like Friends or The Mentalist, new ones like Modern Family, Outnumbered, or Breaking Bad.

The ideal way to absorb a new language is by listening. If you can’t go to the country, then at least take advantage of Hollywood from the comfort of your sofa. Ideally, watch movies or series that you already know. Watch without subtitles, in half an hour bits. Repeat as often as you can, before you get completely saturated with the story… The listening helps your ears with pronunciation, while at the same time your brain processes grammar and vocabulary.


Us language teachers can immediately hear children, or students of any age, who have had some exposure to the language they’re studying. If they haven’t actually been to the country, then it’s quite clear that they watch a lot of television in the said language. It really helps…! It really works!

Let me know if you’ve tried it, what worked best for you.

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